Sports are exciting to watch especially watching live from where the event is taking place, but the busy life we run won’t allow us to watch matches live in most cases we either watch our favourite teams or games live on TV or watch replays later after the real match has ended. At least here you are aware of the stake s and have some background story of what happened but you will want to keep these memories for future reference and that is where sports photography comes into play.


Sports photography has the responsibility in bringing us all the drama in the form of stunning captions. Sports photographers allow us to have a glimpse of what happens in the field in a specular way as they bring us closer to the actions themselves. The perfect photos turn the amazing moments into legends and through sports photography, the amazing moments are preserved in the public memory forever.

You might be interested in sports photography but it is good to note that is full of challenges, one limiting factor is the equipment, usually professional photographers use sophisticated equipment to make their captions perfect for instance you will require a high-end SLR camera with very strong lens and other requirements that may be too expensive. This, however, should not discourage you there are some basic concepts of sports photography you can follow to make most out of sports photography.

First, you need to know the sport. This an important step, logically you are not going to engage in something that you have no idea how it works you need to have a general idea of what the sport you are engaged in is and know as many players as you can. Knowing all aspects of a game is the most important thing in sports photography with the right information you can then know where to focus the camera before you make a shot.

The lighting. If you are seriously want to become a professional in sports photography it is important you know how lighting works. Here, you need to know how lighting works while indoors as well as when working outdoors, for instance when taking shots outdoors, close the aperture down and use a high shutter speed to capture actions. When shooting indoors open the aperture so the filed turns shallower it will prevent images appearing in distorted colours as well as prevent more shadows appearing on faces.

Know the speed of action. Sports like soccer and basketball are fast paced so you need a strong camera with a strong lens that will allow you to focus on the actions all the time. For fast-paced sports, you need to frequently check your battery level and even change them at break-ins, take more pictures for comparison later without worrying about the focal length.

Lastly, using the flash. Most photographer learning sports photography for the first time usually think that using sports is the right place to use their camera flash-light but this notion may always prove not to be right. Why? Camera flash-light in most cases distort professional images and may distract the athlete so, it is good you learn other tactics necessary and avoid the use of the flash-light when necessary.